Zero To $10 Million - How To Succeed in Real Estate Sales

Zero To $10 Million – How To Succeed in Real Estate Sales 

How to go from Zero to $10 Million in real estate sales in the next year or less. This real estate coaching video series will walk you through the proven steps to build a highly successful real estate business. We cover real estate business planning, lead generation for real estate, the critical steps for real estate lead conversion, how to develop your real estate marketing plan and social media for real estate agents. 

Rob Tucker will walk you through the exact steps that he used to go from Zero to $10 Million in real estate sales in his 1st year as a new real estate agent with no budget. Rob built that same real estate business to $60 Million within 3 years and then repeated that process in 2 additional markets with the same results.

Here are the real estate coaching videos including in the Zero to $10 Million real estate training series:

Module 1: Real Estate Business Plan 

We show you the critical process for developing your real estate business plan including: Someday, 5-Year and 1-Year business and real estate marketing plans. How to find the critical One Thing that you need to accomplish each day to exceed your goals and the roadblocks that typically get in the way of new real estate agents and experienced real estate agents. 

Module 2: Real Estate Contact Management and Real Estate CRMs 

We review the key ingredients for the right real estate contact management system and what you must do to ensure that your CRM is producing qualified real estate buyer leads and motivated real estate seller leads. Rob will review some the options for any budget and the decision factors in choosing the right real estate CRM for you. 

Module 3: The Critical Real Estate Systems that you Must Have 

In this Module, Rob Tucker will show you real estate buyer systems that you must have including: real estate buyer scripts, buyer presentations for buyers, the showing process and key follow up systems for real estate agents. 

He also lays out the seller systems for real estate including: listing scripts and dialogs, real estate pre listing packages, listing presentations, key follow up systems and how to do a CMA. 

Module 4: Internet and Social Media for Real Estate Agents 

This Module will discuss and look at the key concepts of Social Media Marketing for Real Estate and what you must focus on to generate leads for real estate and convert those leads using social media platforms. We discuss the critical ingredients to a lead generating real estate website and how to develop a market dominating Video production process for your real estate marketing plan. 

Module 5: Lead Generation for Real Estate Agents Be careful with this Module! 

You will want to “try” everything. The key to successful real estate lead generation is to focus on 2 forms of lead generation and master those before you move to something else. We will show you proven steps to convert FSBOs to signed listings, how to generate traffic at every Open House, how to get expired listings to call you, the key steps to sphere of influence marketing for real estate agents and how to hack your real estate circle marketing to produce a stead stream of qualified real estate leads. 

Module 6: Run Your Real Estate Business as a Business 

I know, it’s not sexy but it’s critical. We go in depth into utilizing Virtual Assistants to develop real estate marketing materials for low prices and how to find the right people to help you without spending a ton of money. We discuss the real estate accounting steps that can save you thousands in taxes and add to your net income. Rob Tucker discusses the secret Rockstar Agent process to finding your Who vs learning How to do everything that will keep you on track to exceed your goals. 

Module 7: Key Knowledge for Real Estate Agents 

There are 2 things that will set you apart as a real estate agent: knowledge and customer service. Rob discusses both in this module and shows you exactly what you need to know to never have a question of “how long have you been a Realtor or Real Estate Agent” or any other experience qualifying questions. 

Module: 8 How to Make Sure That Have the Real Estate Business of your Dreams 

That one sounded sexy, didn’t it! In this Module, Rob will show you the key steps that you must take to put the final touches on your real estate success. He shows how the most successful real estate agents and Rockstar Agents do the same thing that Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, Richard Petty, Tiger Woods and any other Top Tier Superstar athlete does to achieve Icon status in their sport. 


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