STOP! Handing Out Business Cards

Real Estate Lead Generation – Real Estate Business Cards 


We are always told to “hand out as many business cards as you can” from other agents, brokers, managers, etc…. well – STOP! It’s one of the biggest wastes of time and energy as a real estate agent. Instead use the tips in this Episode to increase your real estate lead generation using Business Cards the right way. 

You never want to carry around a bunch of business cards thinking they will help your generate real estate leads and attract home buyers or listing leads for real estate. 

That simply doesn’t work. How do you know? Well… reach into your pocket and tell me how many business cards from other people that you have in your pocket right now…. yep, zero! Instead, watch this real estate coaching video and get an insiders tip on how the generate real estate leads the right way with your business cards. 

Use this real estate training tip and become a Rockstar Agent! 


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