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About Rockstar Agent

Rockstar Agent is the Real Estate Industry’s first and only all-inclusive coaching platform designed to help real estate offices offer customizable coaching and training to agents in their offices. The platform has over 400 videos with customizable training materials to fit any level of a real estate agent, from the brand-new agent to those building a high-producing sales team.

Each course on the Rockstar Agent platform is divided into specific training and coaching modules addressing all aspects of a successful real estate agent. The Mega Open House, The Ultimate Buyer System, Business Planning Clinic, 90 in 90 Listing Challenge, and Dominating YouTube are just a few of the courses available for agents. Each course is complete with specific training videos and every marketing piece, checklist, and template for that subject.

The overall Rockstar Agent platform can be customized for each agent with specific access to appropriate modules. Participating offices get access to weekly live training sessions and role-play calls as well as monthly Mastermind sessions on timely subjects. “Rockstar Agent has been in development for over 15 years and is the only platform of its kind in real estate. The process and training were originally developed for my personal sales teams and offices. I saw the foundation of this program build 2 teams to $60Million in sales within 3 years. The 3rd team hit $100Million in sales in just 4 years. I also used the systems that led to the platform development to build a $2Billion office in 4 years. This is a track record that has never been accomplished in the real estate industry. After coaching, training and studying the absolute Top Producers in real estate, I started seeing specific patterns that no one was talking about, and still aren’t today. That led to creating the Productivity Focused Coaching (PFT) system. Rockstar Agent is the only platform that produces results consistently with this proprietary process. I decided to offer the system to other offices and teams a few years ago and we are seeing the same results with those organizations. 1 office group that added over $178Million in new sales with brand new agents in the first year of using this platform.

It has proven training that any real estate office can leverage to give them a coaching program that sets them apart from their competition in that area.” Rob Tucker, Founder, and Chief Success Evangelist Rockstar Agent was founded in 2005 as a training and coaching program to help grow real estate teams. Over the past 15+ years, the program has grown into a turnkey coaching platform that can be implemented and leveraged by any real estate office to increase agents’ production and add profit to the company. The platform tracks agent activities using a proprietary system that can accurately predict agent results as well as overall office productivity. Rockstar Agent provides live training for offices that agents can access in addition to over 400 videos and over 500 downloadable and customizable support materials for all levels of agent production.

In February, 2024 the Rockstar Agent platform was acquired by Trainality LLC. Trainality is a complete coaching, training and professional development company based in Savannah, GA.