You Have 30 Days to get 5 sales... how do you do it?

Real Estate Lead Generation – How To Get 5 Sales in 30 Days 

I asked Jason Shinpaugh what he would do if he lost everything and only had 30 days to get it back and make 5 sales…. what would you do? 

We discuss real estate lead generation, how to work your sphere of influence, real estate scripts and real estate lead conversion. Jason and Rob Tucker talk about developing a real estate lead generation process with Open Houses that will make you $100,000 just from working 20 hours per week and much more…

Looking for a daily coaching program that will guide you through the exact steps to build a real estate sales business from ZERO to over $10 Million in sales in your 1st year in business (or any year!)? 

30 Days of Daily Real Estate Coaching with specific missions to complete each day. 

Complete real estate coaching videos, support materials, downloadable real estate presentations, real estate business plan, lead generation for real estate agents training, reports, real estate marketing materials and more… 

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